10 Most Profitable Affiliate Programs for Email Marketers (Expert review)

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the digital equivalent of handing someone a business card and informing them that… If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours as well.

Your efforts to market a product will be noticed, and the company that employs you to do so will compensate you monetarily. They pick up a new customer, but you end yourself footing the bill. Everyone comes out on top in the end.

Affiliate marketing is utilized by 81 percent of marketers and 84 percent of publishers with the goals of increasing sales and product exposure respectively. As of right now, thirty-five percent of marketers who are affiliates are making at least twenty thousand dollars a year thanks to affiliate marketing.

It should not come as a surprise how much money can be made through affiliate marketing in this day and age given how popular it is. The amount of money spent on affiliate marketing in the United States alone is expected to reach $8.2 billion in 2022, according to a prediction made by Statista. This figure is more than three times what it was only a decade ago.

1. BirdSend

BirdSend is a cloud-based email marketing solution that helps content creators to streamline their marketing operations through the use of drip email campaigns, contact segmentation, revenue tracking, and more. The software enables professionals to identify VIP subscribers, assess the best-performing emails, and set up rules to automate a variety of operations.

BirdSend enables marketers to segment contacts through the use of tags, which enables them to tell specific subscribers about upcoming newsletters, promotions, or product launches through the use of broadcast emails. The creators of content are able to obtain visibility into the open and click rates of emails, track the average lifetime value of customers, and gather the details of website visitors using in-built forms. In addition to this, it makes it possible for experts to set up drip email campaigns and sequences to engage with subscribers.

BirdSend is a tool that assists content authors in monitoring the amount of revenue made from each individual email. Pricing is tiered based on the amount of contacts, and customers can receive help through both live chat and email.

BirdSend Pricing
Starting price: $9.00 per month
Free trial: Available

2. ActiveCampaign

The success of the affiliate marketing program offered by ActiveCampaign is dependent on monthly recurring income numbers as well as a commission structure that increases over time.

You will get access to the following thanks to Active Campaign:

A maximum rate of recurring commission of thirty percent only.

cookie tracking for the past 90 days

PayPal will make commission payments on a monthly basis automatically.

If you decide to participate in the commission program, your earnings will be determined according to the following tiered structure:

Silver-tier You are eligible to collect twenty percent of the commission if you bring in one hundred new clients within a period of ninety days.

Gold Tier: Refer an additional 100 customers within a period of 30 days. You might also have active accounts totaling $500 and receive a commission of 25%.

Platinum Tier: Refer a new company with active accounts totaling at least $2,000 or a firm that is worth $500 during the first 90 days, and you will receive a commission of 30 percent.

You can reach the highest possible level in ActiveCampaign’s affiliate program with a commission structure of thirty percent, which is offered by the vast majority of affiliate programs on this list as their starting point. When compared to the other programs on our list, this indicates that you will have to put in a significantly greater amount of effort in order to reach the 30 percent level.

You are eligible to get rewards from any account that you use to refer people to our platform. Be aware, however, that in the event that your tier status shifts (for example, if an account that you’ve referred ends up having to cancel their plan), your commission could be impacted if it drops to a level that is lower than the needed threshold.

In addition, commissions are paid out by Active Campaign after a period of sixty days, and you will not be entitled to any payment for customers who want to have their accounts terminated or who are given a portion of their money back.

3. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a very generous affiliate marketing program in that it will compensate you for each customer that you refer to them. This compensation is given even if the customer signs up for a free account with Sendinblue.

The Sendinblue application offers a free trial worth 6 dollars or 5 euros. 100 Euros on account, which is equivalent to 120 Dollars.

cookie tracking system with a 90-day time frame Agency scheme to pay recurring commissions

You will receive 5 euros for a free account and 100 euros for a premium priced account for every individual who clicks on the affiliate marketing hyperlink that you have placed on your website that leads to Sendinblue’s website and signs up for any of the tools that they provide.

Sendinblue, much like the other tools on our list, monitors each click on your images and links to ensure that you are compensated appropriately when a user makes a purchase as a result of your efforts. Sendinblue makes use of Tapfiliate to check the accuracy of clicks, and it also gives you the ability to check on payments in real time.

You may also be qualified to participate in the agency program that Sendinblue provides, through which you have the opportunity to earn recurring commissions from new clients and the money they spend.

If a customer who you’ve recommended to Sendinblue decides to upgrade their membership, then your fee will receive an increase as a result.

PayPal and wire transfers to banks are also acceptable methods for processing commission payments on a monthly basis.

4. ClickFunnels

The ClickFunnels affiliate program provides affiliates with the opportunity to earn recurring rewards of up to 40 percent per month; but, there is a catch.

In order to qualify for the 40 percent referral bonus, you will need to demonstrate that you have successfully introduced a minimum of 40 active ClickFunnels members by making use of your affiliate ID.

In addition to this, you will need to provide evidence that the members you have referred to are paying members and that they have been paying members for at least a month.

You will not be qualified for the monthly recurring commission rate of forty percent if you cannot provide evidence.

ClickFunnels’ program still pays you:

20 percent recurring commissions until $1000 in sales. After that, the Recurring Commission will increase to 30 percent in subscriptions as well as other products, such as eBooks.

One-time payout for commissions on courses

As a result of the fact that the affiliate program is built on the foundation of a recurring commission structure, as long as the people you suggest continue to be clients of ClickFunnels, you will continue to receive financial compensation.

Be informed that, similarly to the 40 percent Commission bracket, the applicant will be required to apply for an additional 30 percent of commission by demonstrating that they have recommended their friends. This must be done in order to qualify for the higher percentage of commission.

5. MailerLite

MailerLite The affiliate program offered by MailerLite enables users to withdraw any profits that they have earned once they have reached a threshold of $50.

MailerLite is not like other systems that make you wait until a certain date to receive payment once you have earned $50 in commissions; instead, once you reach that threshold, all you have to do is submit a payment request, and the money will be put into your PayPal account.

The MailerLite program offers the following benefits:

a recurring commission of 30 percent

Personalized tracking link for affiliates

Affiliate management system for monitoring and recording conversions in addition to commissions

Similar to the other tools presented here You can also include your very own personalized MailerLite referral link on the pages of your website and social media profiles to encourage your consumers to investigate the service and sign up for it.

MailerLite keeps track of each visitor who visits and converts, and the information is promptly posted to your Affiliate Dashboard. This makes it simple to track how well your referrals are performing.

However, MailerLite’s affiliate scheme does not come without its share of restrictions. It does not allow users to make use of internet advertising platforms such as Bing and Google AdWords in order to advertise their affiliate link, and a percentage of commissions are only paid out when a customer is signed up for the purchase of a product that has been paid for.

6. Constant Contact

Even if a customer signs up for a free product through the affiliate program offered by Constant Contact, the referred customer can still earn a commission.

If a referral signs up for the free trial and completes it, you will receive $5 in compensation. If they go on to become a paying customer of Constant Contact, then you will receive an additional commission of $105 from the company.

The software that Constant Contact provides provides:

No limit on commission payments

$5 for the entire trial, free, or $105 per month for paid accounts

a cookie with a tracking capability for 120 days

Constant Contact, much like GetResponse, provides you with tools that you may put on your website in order to market their products to visitors who have the potential to become clients.

You are able to adapt the appearance of your page to the banners, advertisements, and other content that Constant Contact provides so that their message appears on your website.

Utilizing a specialized affiliate tracker dashboard enables you to not only monitor the percentage of site visitors that end up converting but also the total amount of money you bring in through commissions.

7. GetResponse

GetResponse’s affiliate program can be an excellent way for bloggers, e-commerce sellers, and small businesses to generate a second stream of revenue by suggesting one of the most popular email marketing solutions on the market today. This is because the program is offered by GetResponse.

The GetResponse application provides the following incentives to its users: a commission of 33 percent per recurring or $100 on accounts that are paid.

Unlimited affiliate commissions for every sign-up tracked by a cookie that lasts for 120 days that monitors referrals. If they do convert within a period of four months, you will be credited with the commission.

You will first have the opportunity to choose between two different affiliate schemes.

You will receive the sum of $100 for each consumer who registers to a paid account if you want to participate in the “bounty” scheme, which is an opportunity to get paid rapidly.

However, if you sign up for their “recurring” program, they will offer you 33 percent of each sale that you bring to them. This is an excellent option for ongoing cash streams, and it is also the first affiliate program that can pay this amount.

After you have subscribed to our service, we will offer you with an affiliate link that you may include in any promotional materials you send out, such as emails or pictures, to promote GetResponse. This will allow us to track and identify anyone who signs up as a result of your recommendation.

GetResponse will use a cookie to track clicks if someone clicks the link that you have provided. This will ensure that every referral you send is connected to the account number, which will make it much simpler for you to keep track of which referrals are performing the best as well as the total number of referrals that you have sent.

When you join up to become an affiliate for GetResponse, you will have access to a wide selection of free promotional material, such as sales letters, videos, and banners, all of which are designed to encourage people to check out the service.

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