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Have you ever lost a client because you were unable to answer their questions promptly? This type of loss is costly because it now costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one.

The most common cause of consumer annoyance is “lack of speed” in customer service; this annoyance soon leads to angry customers and a terrible customer experience, and as a result, 51% of customers say they will never do business with that firm again.

The BIG question at hand is therefore: Can this enormous loss be prevented? Absolutely.

Using chat apps for customer care is an easy fix. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are not just the preferred means of communication for customers, but they are also assisting businesses in extending customer care outside traditional channels to facilitate quicker response.

Introducing Wamation

With 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is unquestionably the most popular messaging service out of the hundreds of alternatives.

Businesses can use WAmation Tool to automate entire conversations and message flows in addition to its amazing reach.

WhatsApp is the most popular medium for communication all over the world. People devote a lot of attention to WhatsApp, to the point that they read messages sent through WhatsApp more often than messages sent through any other messenger. More than just an email and more than just a text message.

When you use WhatsApp to communicate with a customer, you can rest assured that your message was successfully sent. You are certain that you have effectively communicated with your customer.

WAmation is the only tool that allows you to sell using WhatsApp successfully without having to spend an inordinate amount of time typing, copying, and pasting.

You may obtain the same results from 100 leads that others get from 1,000 leads by utilizing the automation that WAmation provides.

Therefore, if you are the proprietor of a company or a sole proprietor, you should make this change as soon as possible.

What is Wamation

Wamation is a Cloud Based AI technology that makes doing business on whatsapp very easy, it Save your time and effort and help get more done and reach more people on WhatsApp.

You can bet that at least one of your consumers will hear from someone who uses WAmation because it is currently the most effective way to communicate with other people.

Do not expose your company to the risk of being taken advantage of by unfriendly competitors. Make sure that none of your potential customers go unreached. Investing in WAmation now will allow your company to take advantage of the most fruitful chance for direct marketing that it will have all year.

Some of the features of Wamation include

  • Automate multiple accounts and phone numbers easily.
  • Schedule messages to individuals as well as groups.
  • Import contacts from WhatsApp straight into WAmation app.
  • Create ChatBot for auto reply messages with set keyword triggers.
  • Full automation for WhatsApp marketing. Set up and forget.
  • Create message broadcasts and sequences with hands-free automation.

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Why Do You Need Wamation

WAmation is the only tool that allows you to sell using WhatsApp successfully without having to spend an inordinate amount of time typing, copying, and pasting.

You can achieve the same levels of success with 100 leads using WAmation’s automation as other people do with 1,000 leads.

The phenomena of selling on WhatsApp is one that is transforming people’s lives all around the world. On WhatsApp, there are literally millions of different merchants from all over the world offering various goods.

Everyone from stay-at-home mothers marketing apparel, handicrafts, home decor goods, beauty services, and even food to brick-and-mortar stores and service businesses are utilizing WhatsApp to connect with their target audience of customers.

  1. When you use WAmation, you have the ability to sell any product or service directly to end users of the platform.
  2. WAmation enables you to employ any type of message you want while simultaneously engaging your clients in the most efficient manner possible.
  3. You need nearly one hundred percent effective way to communicate with your customers, Wamation makes this easy for business

Who Need Wamations:

Every service delivery and customer-based business needs Wamation to multiply sales and engagements.

If you are working in any business niche and you are not already using WhatsApp automation, then you are giving your competitors the opportunity to walk in and establish a rapport with your customer before you do. If you are not using WhatsApp automation, then you are giving your competitors the opportunity to walk in and establish a rapport with your customer.

WAmation is the ideal method for connecting with customers and converting potential customers into paying clients.

WAmation is the best customer engagement system for you to have if you want to develop that direct relationship with your clients and persuade them to buy from you repeatedly.

Some Business That Will Need Wamation Automation

  1. Product Marketers
  2. Trainers & Coaches
  3. Financial & Insurance Marketers
  4. Hand-made Goods Sellers
  5. SEO Providers
  6. Speciality Foods Sellers
  7. Designers
  8. Real Estate Brokers
  9. AgenciesAffiliate Marketers
  10. And More.

Small businesses value WhatsApp’s ability to help them sell their products easily and directly without requiring them to build an e-commerce website, acquire any new technical skills, or maintain an information technology infrastructure.

For marketers who want to sell on WhatsApp at any level, WAmation makes doing business easier to manage.

WAmation is the simplest platform available for automating WhatsApp Messenger interactions for small businesses. In point of fact, it is the only alternative that is truly viable for home-based vendors and small businesses.

Other WhatsApp platforms typically do not accept any small businesses at all, and even if they do, you will have to pay a very steep price to obtain this level of automation on those platforms.

If you purchase WAmation right now during this limited-time deal, you will save up to 90 percent off of what you would wind up spending in the future if you fail to take action today.

Marketing Features Of Wamation

1. Unquie Anti Spam Message

Wamation uses Spintext to give each message its own identity. To keep your messages from being flagged as spam on WhatsApp, the tool make sure that each one is completely original.

When you send out messages that are one of a kind, there is a much lesser likelihood that WhatsApp filters will consider them to be spam, and your account is protected in a more robust manner.

2. Introduction of Snippets

Because snippets are supported, you won’t have to manually retype message segments that are frequently employed. Simply plug in your Snippet, and WAmation will replace the text with the text from the snippet automatically.

It provides easy message creation that is excellent for marketing.

3. Run Multiple Automations

Even for a single product, you are able to develop a number of different automations with WAmation. You can increase your chances of making a sale by trying a variety of sales approaches and then determining which one is most successful.

The average percentage of emails that are opened is ten percent. The percentage is 98 percent on WhatsApp. It is possible to get the same effects with 100 messages sent over WhatsApp as you would with over a thousand emails. Therefore, if you are a tiny marketer, it should be obvious what your primary focus should be.


WAmation was developed for automation rather than spam, and it contains built-in throttling that stops you from engaging in behavior that is characteristic of spam.

You can turn WAmation’s automation on and relax in the process. It will automate to the point that it is virtually indistinguishable from a real person, freeing up your time so that you may do whatever you want with it.

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